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Ez8 WIP #15: Home Stretch


Well, this is going to be the las WIP for the Ez8.  There was a lot of touch-up today and then a final fit to make sure the colors were still even.  Unfortunately, the head is head is a bit less yellow than the rest of the body, but I’m going to leave it alone at this point, as there’s no way it would be ready by tomorrow.  I suspect that the problems I had with it are due to it being primed in black (to keep the LED from bleeding through) where the rest of the kit was primed in white.

In any case, I’m going to let things dry for tonight and then I’ll dull coat it in the morning.  After that, I’ll fix it to the base I’ve built up and take pictures for the contest.  That will give me the rest of the weekend to work on the Apsalus.